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History Heights eBook Club

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History Heights eBook Club

Gail Masinda
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History is all about the stories.

And we have some awesome ones for you!  

Every month you will receive:

  • One featured eBook
  • All the research and organization are done for you.  Read, enjoy, and be amazed!
  • Most eBooks contain activities to “show what you know."
  • Every eBook contains educator resources like teaching ideas and the answer key, if needed (but honestly, most of them work very well for independent learning)
  • 25% off coupon for a selected title from our archives
  • No hassle membership. Cancel anytime (but we will be sorry to see you go)

Read what others have to say:

History Heights is charmingly brilliant! Beautifully illustrated ebook with curated video &  photographs to dig deeper. Plus activities to go along with it all!~Deven, Alabama

“These eBook units are like taking a field trip to a museum and library with hands-on learning activities included.” ~Amy, Michigan

“So glad that I became a member of the History Heights ebook club!!! It’s wonderful to have a wholesome site that I can share with my grandsons!! Every month we have a new ebook filled with captivating stories and amazing facts and quite frankly, I’ve been learning as much as they have!!” ~Lesley, Illinois


What are the eBooks about?

These remarkable stories read like fiction, but everything in them is absolutely true! Most eBooks are about some aspect of United States history. Sometimes music history/appreciation, lifeskills, or world history will show up just for a little variety.

What reading level are these eBooks?

The eBooks are easily read by someone with middle-school level reading abilities. Earlier levels might need some help with some vocabulary. All ages will enjoy the stories making these ideal read-aloud books!

Can I print the books?

You sure can!  Each eBook is a PDF document in landscape format and is sized to print on 8.5 x 11” paper.  Things to remember: the pages will print in LANDSCAPE mode, they use a lot of ink, and the links only work in the eBook format.  Having said that, there are times when you might want to print all or part of a lesson, and it is absolutely possible to do so.

Why landscape format?

These graphically-rich eBooks look amazing on a desktop or laptop, and that's a landscape format display screen.  The eBooks also work on tablets and phones, but small phone screens sometimes take a lot of “zooming.” to see all of the details and text. Tilting your phone to "landscape" might make the pages a little bigger.

Will History Heights eBooks work on my device?

They will work on any PDF-compatible device.

How does the eBook Club Membership work?

When you sign up for History Heights eBook Club, the featured eBook for that month will be sent to you by email. After that, you will continue to receive a new featured History Heights on the first Friday of each and every month of your active membership.  Your membership automatically renews on the anniversary of your original sign-up.

What if I want an eBook from a previous month?

All previous titles are available in the History Heights store at regular prices at any time.  However, as an additional benefit to our members, every month one eBook from our archives will be available to current members with a 25% off coupon.  You will receive an email with those details and a description of the highlighted book each month. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the archive eBook. It is simply a way to get a previously released book at a special members-only price.

When will I get my new eBook?

Your first eBook will be available as soon as you subscribe!  After that, each new eBook will be released on the first Friday of the month

Anything else?

Write to me at gailmasinda@gmail.com

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