Mr. Lincoln Goes to College

Gail Masinda
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It was 1858. The race for the Illinois seat in the United States Senate was between Republican Abraham Lincoln and the incumbent Democrat Stephen Douglas. They agreed to hold a series of seven debates throughout the state. Here is the important story of the fifth debate, held in Galesburg, Illinois. This was the first time Lincoln spoke at length about the immorality of slavery and is considered by many historians to be the turning point in his political career.

The Story of Mr. Lincoln Goes to College is told in engaging text and is supported by colorful graphics, historic photographs, and primary source materials. The story, along with the many activities, comprise a complete "open and go" mini-course into this pivotal time in American history.

Late elementary/middle-grade reading level is suggested for independent study, but the material is adaptable for all ages in the classroom or in homeschool use, and for lifelong learners.

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In this 47 page eBook (PDF), you will receive

The story of the debate
Vocabulary Builder (activity)
Staging your own debate (activity)
Curated video links
Newspaper clippings from 1858 (activity))
Writing or discussion prompts (activity))
Stories of debate commemorations through the years
Plan a Celebration (activity)
6 Quick Quizzes
Educator Resources and Answer Key
Surprising Fun Facts throughout the book
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47 pages

Mr. Lincoln Goes to College

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